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Product details
Neck Loop for larger taller dogs.
The coloured section of the loop is made shorter so it sits higher so more suitable for taller, larger dogs.
The part you are buying is the item circled in red in the photo.
The photo shows the comparison between the regular and large versions.

Grooming Aids
* This version is for LARGE dogs. It has a shorter top and strap section and sits higher up for taller dogs*
The photo is of the complete set compared to the regular size. This item for sale is the NECK LOOP ONLY.
The loop section is usually black but some other colours are available to order and they are...
Purple, Red, Hot Pink, Teal Blue, Yellow, Olive Green (add a note to the cart)
Select the colour for the wider strap section below.
$20.00(GST incl.)
8 Menindee Crescent.
Kialla VIC 3631
0400 573 314
Created by Mervyn Jack 2023
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Grooming Aids
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